Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's been awhile..

It really had been awhile since I..or my brothers or my cousins...hehe..update their blogs..Everyone is busy with their FB..so did myself..
Yet today, I have the urge to write..to write about the feelings I'm having right now..What is it?..Everything..
Angry, sad,disappointed, happy, grateful, unsatisfied...and more...
All these feelings mixed up inside of me and I'm confused..really don't know how to feel at ease again..
Things never happend the way we want them to be...but I believed things happend for a reason...but I doubt that reason will satisfy me or make me feel at ease and happy again...
Just a girl who want to express herself..for she is very down right now...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Little Baby Sister

Happy 11th Birthday to our beloved
Youngest and Naughtiest Sister


~No. 2 paling bising dalam family

~paling manja and penjahat

~Paling suka kacau and buli si Baby

~Paling muda and bongsu

~Paling kami sayang

Pesanan dari kami:

Adik ko suda besar, jangan lagi nakal2 and belajar rajin2 supaya berjaya..

nnti ada hadiah...