Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's Your Birthday...

Wanna wish a very happy and blessed 26th birthday today..

14th of July 2009

Bro Willie Jude Junaidi

May GOD Bless Your Way


May You Achieve All The Happiness and Success

In Your Life

- a very loving and gentle brother to his younger brothers and sister

- a very experienced spokeman (since he's working at the Borneo Post)

- a very heavy but sober drinker..

- love to sing..really...

- a simple and low profiled person but with a lots of great ideas on his mind...

p/s : Willie and I used to fight a lot during our childhood..but now...we grew closer together..which means I'm the person who used to support him when he's low on cash..nasib la ko ada kakak yg cantik lae baik hati..hehe

-Have a wonderful & meaningful birthday Bro..We all love you..-

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Trans Pegalan Netball Team 2009

2009 Inter Keningau Schools and Zone Netball Tournament
SJK Yuk Yin Hall, Keningau

After been training almost 2 months with the team from Department of Health Keningau...we became almost more skilled and fitter than ever..

2009 Trans Pegalan Netball Team Members

GS - Carol Lenny (SMK Apin-Apin)
GA - JB Julia Justin (SK Ansip
WA - JB Melissa Justin (SK Pekan)
C - Joelene (SK Pekan 2)
WD - Jennifer (SK Pekan 2)
GD - Juvie June Junaidi (SK Membulu)
GK - Izan (SK Pekan Keningau 2)
Other members : Kak Lyn, Juana and Leonora

Achievement : 2nd place...
(Last year 3rd place..maybe...just maybe..next year, we will be the champion..hehehe)

Thank you to all for a very great and memorable game...
Trans Pegalan is the best!

2nd place..

The lovely-lovely Gagak Hitam..
Trans Pegalan Netball menbers 2009

1st place - Champion

SMK Keningau 2..unbeatable netball team...

But this year, Trans Pegalan made their champion path harder than they ever had to be the champion before..

Anyway..it's the spirits that count..