Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What's Up?

Heloo...been sooo long since I post something fresh here...

Today, I just wanna share with you all what's been happening and what will happen for these past few weeks and also for the next few weeks...
This month ( April ) soooo many English Language Activities are being held here in the Pegalan Zone...A few way backs there was Choral Speaking Competition held at SK Magatang...

This coming 29th..SK Ambual will be helding a Spelling Bee Competition..huhu...

Why am I so busy?..
Last week I was busy completing my application for the KDP 14 weeks June Intake...5 teachers are applying at the same time..so, "sapa saja yang dapat.." said my GB...
At that same week I was busy teaching and training my Level 2 pupils to do Action Song for the Inter Pegalan Zone Action Song Competition which will be held at my school on originally on the 23rd of April 2009..Nearly burst to tears just thinking I have to do all the detail works..since I'm the school's English Head Panel...

Thankfully we were able to postpone the date to 30th of April 2009...but at that same time..I have to change my Action Song's pupils' to Level 1...just think, in less that 14 days I have to teach and train Level 1 pupils a new song and a new steps..huhuhu...but,so far, I'm doing okay..

I'd also finished contributing all the invitations, rules and regulations to all the Pegalan Zone schools...I also distributed all the committees their parts and jobs that day.... and me, I just have to focused on my Action Song..

Oya...I forgot to mention, my school will be hosting The Inter Pegalan Zone Story Telling and Action Song Competitions 2009..even though this is the first time for our school to organize 2 activities at the same time but I personally believe that my school can be a great and successful organizer...

Anyway..please enjoyed my snaps snaps for today...I woke up early and think that I wanted to look different and special today..so dressed up as a Hindustani..hahaa...I caught the attention of all the teachers and pupils at my school today...

I'm going to school like this
These are the pics that I took with my Level 1 Action Song Pupils
Hopefully, this month will be going smoothly and as in plan...So that I can enjoy my month MAY to the fullest without have to go thru so many things at the same time...like what I'm having this time around..
Until then..Take care to you all and GOD bless.

What's Up?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Holaaa...just stopped by to inform all of you..I will be superbusy until May..so many events happening in these times around..so many things need to be done..so many preparations need to be carry out...so many things need to be point out..so many peoples need to be warn out...so many...
So, the moral value for this post is...Stay cool and beautiful..and everything will be OK...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Double Joys 10th of April 2009



On this special day (10th of april 2009)
I'm on behalf of my brothers and lil sister would like to wish


We're are very grateful and thankful for all that you had done for us..
We're sorry for all the worries and pains we brought to you..
You're the greatest Mummy in the world..


Thursday, April 9, 2009


Olaaa..today I am very proud and happy to tell that my school's Choral Speaking Group won 3rd place in the Inter-Pegalan Zone Choral Speaking Competition 2009 organized at SK Magatang..

I am proud and satisfied with my pupils' performance during the competition as well as the result..I really think that my pupils deserved all for their efforts and trying..

It only took less than 1 week for my pupils to memorize the text (8 pages mind you..)..of course, along with hardworks, yellings, trainings, practicings...they did their best in the competition..the best part was when they told me they enjoyed themselves during their performance..

My school was voted as the first contestant..and thank GOD for that, we gained all the benefits...the first bench's luck..haha...

Very-very happy and thankful..I love my job..all the stresses and tensions always paid off..eventually...

Next week, I will be busy with the Story Telling & Action Songs Competitions that will be organized by my school..huhuhuhuu..will be super busy..busy organizing..busy arranging..busy training..

But right now I jusy wanna enjoyed our moment

My colorful choral speakers

(they loveee the colorful texts)

Last practice at school, before headed to SK Magatang

NO. 3 and proud of it !!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Heloo my dear families, friends and relatives...

I'm so tired and busy lately..

Tons of works and activities..will update my post once I get all the materials..

For the time being..please enjoy my activities when I got some free times from all the work..hehe

My next posts will be about : (i) Year 6 2009 Motivation Camp
(02-04 April 2009)
(ii) English Choral Speaking Competition
Inter Pegalan Zone 2009
(09th of April 2009)
Wait and See...