Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's been awhile..

It really had been awhile since I..or my brothers or my cousins...hehe..update their blogs..Everyone is busy with their FB..so did myself..
Yet today, I have the urge to write..to write about the feelings I'm having right now..What is it?..Everything..
Angry, sad,disappointed, happy, grateful, unsatisfied...and more...
All these feelings mixed up inside of me and I'm confused..really don't know how to feel at ease again..
Things never happend the way we want them to be...but I believed things happend for a reason...but I doubt that reason will satisfy me or make me feel at ease and happy again...
Just a girl who want to express herself..for she is very down right now...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Little Baby Sister

Happy 11th Birthday to our beloved
Youngest and Naughtiest Sister


~No. 2 paling bising dalam family

~paling manja and penjahat

~Paling suka kacau and buli si Baby

~Paling muda and bongsu

~Paling kami sayang

Pesanan dari kami:

Adik ko suda besar, jangan lagi nakal2 and belajar rajin2 supaya berjaya..

nnti ada hadiah...

Double Celebrations





Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's Your Birthday...

Wanna wish a very happy and blessed 26th birthday today..

14th of July 2009

Bro Willie Jude Junaidi

May GOD Bless Your Way


May You Achieve All The Happiness and Success

In Your Life

- a very loving and gentle brother to his younger brothers and sister

- a very experienced spokeman (since he's working at the Borneo Post)

- a very heavy but sober drinker..

- love to sing..really...

- a simple and low profiled person but with a lots of great ideas on his mind...

p/s : Willie and I used to fight a lot during our childhood..but now...we grew closer together..which means I'm the person who used to support him when he's low on cash..nasib la ko ada kakak yg cantik lae baik hati..hehe

-Have a wonderful & meaningful birthday Bro..We all love you..-

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Trans Pegalan Netball Team 2009

2009 Inter Keningau Schools and Zone Netball Tournament
SJK Yuk Yin Hall, Keningau

After been training almost 2 months with the team from Department of Health Keningau...we became almost more skilled and fitter than ever..

2009 Trans Pegalan Netball Team Members

GS - Carol Lenny (SMK Apin-Apin)
GA - JB Julia Justin (SK Ansip
WA - JB Melissa Justin (SK Pekan)
C - Joelene (SK Pekan 2)
WD - Jennifer (SK Pekan 2)
GD - Juvie June Junaidi (SK Membulu)
GK - Izan (SK Pekan Keningau 2)
Other members : Kak Lyn, Juana and Leonora

Achievement : 2nd place...
(Last year 3rd place..maybe...just maybe..next year, we will be the champion..hehehe)

Thank you to all for a very great and memorable game...
Trans Pegalan is the best!

2nd place..

The lovely-lovely Gagak Hitam..
Trans Pegalan Netball menbers 2009

1st place - Champion

SMK Keningau 2..unbeatable netball team...

But this year, Trans Pegalan made their champion path harder than they ever had to be the champion before..

Anyway..it's the spirits that count..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Bro Bryan

Been busied with Yet's engagement until I 'nearly' forgot to wish my dear bro Bryan a happy and blessed 23rd bday..which fall on the 27th of June..same date as Yet's engagement day...Actually I didn't forget, did tried to call him to wish him bday but he didn't pick up..guess he's not awake yet that morning..haha

Stellie Bryan Junaidi

27th of June 1986 (makes him 23 this year)

~a very loving and funny brother

~very annoyingly likes to tease and bully people

~the most happening and sporting brother of all

Happy Birthday my brother..May all your wishes and dreams come easily for you and may you have a beautiful days ahead..

~GOD Bless our family.Amen~

Friday, June 26, 2009


On behalf of all the family members..
We would like to congrates
Our lovely and beloved cousin for her engagement
27th June 2009
and also to welcome a new family member..



The old time..now we all grown up...

And became the beautiful ladies we are now..

Yet , Tompok and Gulabi....

The best trio cousins of the Bingkasan...


Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Life after the school reopened

Since the school reopened,..actually even before the school reopened, my busy teacher's life had already started..Never mind that, it continued until this very day and for the following days ahead...

Anyway, it's nice being back to school..Felt like my life is back in daily routines again...

Lately, all the Trans Pegalan teachers are busy with the Teacher's Day Sports Events..There's volleyball tournament, sepak takraw, football, dart, futsal,badminton, sukaneka and even singing competition among all the Pegalan's teacher..I must say that I'm proud and fortunate to be a part of the Trans Pegalan family..

These are some of the pics that I'd captured during the Sukaneka last Saturday at SK Pekan Keningau 2..

Acara Relay Lari Ikat Kaki Berpasangan-Tiup Belon -Tiup Tepung..

Ini pula acara Mengayuh Sampan Di darat 100m..

This is throwing the egg event..Me and Ustaz..we got 3rd place

I am so ready to throw the egg..

Our motto for that day "Apa ko rasa? Oren?"

Is is the Coconut Bowling Event

Trying to concentrate on how to drop the bottles..hahaa

Gangs from all around Trans Pegalan

Our Ustaz is trying to fish out the bottle..

susah jua ni..huhu

Atun with her peace..

This pic is taken by his lovely daughter,Nurul

We are the champion..

Nearly can't see my face..tlampau fair..haha

..That's about all that I wanna post..next week will be the grand celebration of Trans Pegalan teachers...Till then, please stay tune..there will be more on my Pegalan's activities in my next post...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It been a long holidays..

2 whole weeks had past by just like that...Tomorrow I'll be in my school again...I missed my pupils and yet I got so many works to do that demotivated me to start fresh tomorrow...But..come on Juvie..chayo2..hehe
These past 2 weeks had been tiring, exciting,unforgetable, memorable etc....for me and also to all my friends and families..so many events happend in this short while...I'm grateful for everything...
Wanna share more but it just toooo much to share...whatever it is...Happy going back to school to all my friends and relatives..hehe...
Until then...Have a blessed and beautiful days ahead..

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sia nyanyi2 dulu arrr.....
Baby when I saw you
There was peace unknown
I set up to get you
With a fine tooth comb
I was softly inside
There was something going on...
(chorus trus..)
Island in the stream
That is what we are
Noone on between
How can be wrong
Sail away with me to another world
And we rely on each other ahh ahh..
From one lover to another ahh ahh..

Olaa...I wanna wish everyone who's having their holidays..
A very great and happy holidays ahead..

My holiday?..
Going to Labuan on the 1st-3rd of June (eehh..my month odey..)
Going with bros Willie and Ion..will be meeting bro Calie there..

Going back to skol on the 5th to meet my students..
Preparation for the G-52 UPSR Programme..

On the 8th-11th UPSR G-52 Programme for Trans Pegalan
at SMK Keningau..huhu...

Going to KK on the 11th after the programme..
See..my very own planned holidays..

Hopefully all my plans will be going on smoothly..

Above and below..during the exams at Year 2W class

Sis Joyce, Baby JD and Boboy

Me and Baby Tasha
The lovely2 Js..At Permata Club..celebtating Nelson's (Joyce's hubby) birthday..

Have a wonderful holidaysss..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's Your Birthday..

Happy Birthday to...

Dearest Aunty Unai

May all your dreams and wishes come true...

Geng Galanggas..hehe

Thursday, May 21, 2009


This week alone...

18.05.2009 (Monday)
Morning-SBOA Bahasa Inggeris Peringkat Daerah Keningau at SK Pekan Keningau 2.
Afternoon-Netball practice at Hospital Keningau.
Evening - Incharge of Inter Pegalan Zone Dart Competition at MC.

19.05.2009 (Tuesday)
Morning - Taklimat Guru-Guru tahun 6 Peringkat Zone Pegalan for SPR G-52 at SK Penagatan.
Afternoon-MC for Pre-School Annual Sports(Daerah Keningau)at Komplex Keningau.
Evening- Dart tournament (Continue)

20.05.2009 (Wednesday)
Morning-MC for Closing Ceremony of Pre-School Annual Sports at Komplex Keningau.
Afternoon-Netball pratice at Hospital Keningau
Evening- Dart Tournament (Semi-Final)

21.05.2009 (Thursday)
Morning-Inter Pegalan Zon FUTSAL Meeting at SK Ambual.
Afternoon-Netball practice at Hospital Keningau.
Evening- Dart Tournament (Final).

22.05.2009 (Friday)
Morning-School, Exam papers,RPH,Students etcccccc...
Afternoon-Netball practice at Hospital Keningau.
Evening-Hopefully can finally get some rest..huhuhuuu

This week alone..so many programmes, activities, courses, works..and more worksss...Including tomorrow's, it will be my fouth days to be away from my school, my children..I misses my pupils sooo much..and I got tons of works to be done at school...

All jobs required commitments for the employees to be willing to sacrifice their energy, efforts, minds, times, moneys..and more..but yet, people still blamming and complaining that we didn't give much..How fair is that?

That's all for the time-being...until that,please bare with my simple post for I REALLY am busy...

Friday, May 15, 2009


And I'm proud of being a TEACHER..

TEACHERS are not perfect..
But what we're doing is far more greater than being perfect...

The best moment is when.....
A pupil can understand and learned something new from us..

To all the TEACHERS out there..

May our MIGHTY LORD Bless Us in our daily works..


Me and my children