Saturday, February 28, 2009

Easy and Difficult's been so long since I updated my post here...Today I want to share some quotes which I found very interesting and so true..Thanks to my friend Aidarani, she's the one who send these quotes to me..And now,I want to share them with all of you..It's about what EASY and DIFFICULT are to all of us...
EASY to occupy a place in the telephone directory,
DIFFICULT to occupy the heart of somebody.
EASY to judge the errors of others,
DIFFICULT to recognize our own errors.
EASY to hurt those whom we love.
DIFFICULT to heal those wounds.
EASY to forgive,
DIFFICULT to ask for forgiveness.
EASY to exhibit victory,
DIFFICULT to assume defeat with dignity.
EASY to dream every nights,
DIFFICULT to fight for a dream.
EASY to pray every nights,
DIFFICULT to find GOD in the smallest of things.
EASY to say we love,
DIFFICULT to demonstrate it every day.
EASY to critize everybody,
DIFFICULT to better/perfect ourselves.
EASY to think of improving,
DIFFICULT to stop thinking and really do it.
EASY to receive,
DIFFICULT to give.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I always thought that Ebi Kornelis (AF 5) was among the most good looking and humble students of all the AF...never thought that I would actually got the chance to know him..

What happend was..I was at KRK with my usual gangs..when suddenly Dee ( KRK worker) came in with 2 friends..the 1st one who caught my eyes was Ebi..but at that time I wasn't really sure it was I juz gave him a simple Hi smile..

Dipendekkan cerita..when I was playing pool with Boy (a friend of mine)..he told me that the guy sitting with them at their table was Ebi AF..I was like..I knew that was I kirim salam to him la thru my friends..and even asked Sam ( KRK Supervisor) to take my pic with Sam punya cam ada flash bha..hahaha..

I was excited but I kept my cool...It was Ebi Kornelis after all..


Aunty Unai pun ada bergambar sama Ebi

Me and Ebi

Ebi and I


It'd been a loooong time since I updated my blog..banggas suda kan? untuk membalas dendam today I'll post 3 new posts..actually all in a past tense..suda berlalu..still I wanted to share with all of you...

First was our Pegalan's Annual Sport Meet...held at Kompleks Keningau last week..on the 4th-5th of February are some of the pics taken during that 2 days..oya,my post? I wan in-charged of my school..SK Membulu's marching meet's MC and paling penting..penyorak terkuat in my school..hehehe..

My ratu2...Alisan and Montel..

For the very 1st time..SK Membulu,3rd place..

J= Jurulatih2 perbarisan
J= Jelitawan2

J= Jeal, Jay,June,JV

I always loved and looking forward for the annual sport meet...where I can meet up with the other teachers from other schools in Pegalan Zone..

Hopefully next year we will have more fun...

P/s : There are 10 schools in Pegalan Zone

-SK Membulu,SK Ansip,SK Ambual,SK Pekan 2,SK Menawo,SK Penagatan,SK Magatang, SK Sodomon,SK KG Biah,SK Rancangan Biah.

Friday, February 13, 2009


I know all of you have been waiting for me to update my blog..hehe...but I'm still so bz at this moment...dari pagi sampai petang bertugas MSSM Bola Jaring Peringkat Negeri..which was held here at SMK Gunsanad 2, Keningau..
Later tonite got a charity valentine dinner at church...where all my christian friends from school will be eating and sitting together..can't wait ni..mesti meriah..
There are 3 major stories yang I really have to share..but I gonna have to find all the materials first..So all i have to say for this time being is..Be patient and stay happy..muaahhhsss