Monday, January 5, 2009

My Life After The Long Holidays..

Back to school already?...emm..macam baru jua mula cuti...susah hati ni...takut nda dapat bangun awal lae..hehe..apa2pun...bermula kisah hidup sia sebagai seorang guru yang cantik baik hati dan pnyayang..hehe...

JADUAL KEDATANGAN MURID..sia guru kelas Tahun 6 Wawasan..

Jadual Kelas Tahun 6 Wawasan...byak bha keja kalo jd guru kelas ni..huhu

permandangan d bilik sia..malam sebelum buka skolah, byak laz minit punya keja..

My mum cakap my room it?..haha

sampai atas katil pun byak kertas2...

ada lae file2 yg masi dalam plastik..

sedang print RPT n RPH

1st day of murid2 thn 1..Program Transisi Thn 1
Tu nah anak c Atun..C Nurul yg mo kna pujuk dlu baru mo masuk kelas..

Ambik shot sendiri...

sia mgantuk n lapar bha ni..
mesyuarat staf tlampau pnjang......

ni la sia..kawan2 yg lain suru sia jan bnyak hal2 lain..
dorang bilang sia tukang kasi pnjang mesyuarat ja..

ni la mesyuarat awal musim persekolahan..semak ja bilik guru kami..
banyak buku2 text...

Overall, I'm glad to be back after so long..Sia rindu suasana sekolah..rindu murid2 sia..rindu mengajar and rindu kesibukan bekerja..I hope tahun ni keja sia akan lebih lancar dan terlaksana seperti yg sia rancang..AMEN..

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to 2009

I guess it's not too late to wish everyone a happy and blessed new year of 2009...As I recalled, last year 31st of Dec 2007 - 01st of Jan 2008..I was all alone and cried so new year is just a lonely one..But last nite, I celebrated my new year with my families..and it was far more happier and merrier than celebrating alone..I almost forgot how good it felt to be with my families and friends...

2008...not really a year that I enjoyed and happy about...infact, it was probably my worst year ever..yet, I'm not complaining...There are many things that kept me going on thru the year..and I'm grateful..Some wishes do come true..some, long as we did our best..the rest is up to our Mighty LORD...

Sad Happiness Tears Laughters Failed Succed all are just parts of our life..we cannot have all the best things yet we could never get bored with all the hardworking and hopes that we made...That's just the way things are..sometimes you're satisfied..sometimes you're break down and cry..but at the end...we just smiled thru our ways and be thankful that we're still alive..

Goodbye to all the memories..there will always be part of me that will remember them..they are the reasons I never stop trying..I'm a better person..stronger and wiser..thanks to all the experiences..I'm became more matured..and hopefully I'll be a happier person this year..

To my guys are the most important thing in my life..who am I without you guys..thanks for everything and I love all of my families...To my dear friends, you guys are the peoples who put a smile on my face and who help me to be strong when I'm down..thank you so much...hopefully this year will bring us close together...

As for now...lets just enjoy the beggining of this year..try to achieve all that we dream for...if we fail...then, try again..Chayo2..May all of you be bless and have the best year ever..AMEN

Dinner at Keningau Golf Club

New year Eve Dinner

J and J...

The Blusher Girls..Happy New Year 2009